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Friday, 29 November 2019


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Glad to see you back! :)

Is the anti-semitism really institutional? I thought it was just Corbyn and maybe a couple of others. Or has the Labour Party a historical streak of anti-semitism running through it?

I (as a non-Brit) think it is absolutely essential that the morally bankrupt party does not get in, so I would vote for Labour. Besides, who says the Tories are free of anti-semitism? It is never that far away in my view.

I'd say, support your local candidate :)


Thank you! (Even if it is with a rant...)

Well, two MPs were driven out of the party by the pressure of anti-semitic abuse from members and Jewish members have resigned for the same reasons; there's been little enthusiasm to deal with this among the leadership and the party is actually being investigated by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (the only other party they've ever investigated was the BNP). So they do have a big problem with identifying it and acting upon it, at the very least. Whether Corbyn himself is anti-semitic, I have no idea, but by failing to root it out he becomes complicit, I'd say. On the other hand, there are plenty of people in the party who are not anti-semitic.

I am afraid the Tory party is riddled with prejudice but since I have no intention of voting for them, it's not an issue for me in that way.

It's just a crazy situation where I find myself not voting for a party I actually like in order to prevent a party I really fear and dislike from taking power in the hope that the party I do actually vote for doesn't get an actual majority so that the crazy bits of their policy are toned down by coalition partners. And to do this I have to try to second-guess other voters in my constituency...

Anyway, I agree with you that it IS essential that the morally bankrupt party doesn't get in so you can probably guess how I have voted, after all.

Desperate Reader

I’m happy with my constituency MP in a safe labour seat which makes my choice easy. Living in a city where 40% of children are born into poverty and a homeless man died of exposure on Friday night is much on my mind too. I do wish the Labour Party would get a grip on itself though and make it clear that anti semitism will not be tolerated- it’s worrying that it hasn’t yet done so. On the other hand there are some really good MP’s in there and that’s a cause for hope. Like you I wish there were more viable choices, and though I’d normally say vote with your heart, this time feels different. I guess the really important thing is that we all vote though, however that is and whatever the results.


Oh God, how awful, that poor man. And 40 per cent of children born into poverty? That is truly shocking. Things have to change. I've read lots of comments by disabled people who actually believe they'll die if there's another Tory administration. Imagine having to live with that sort of stress all the time?

My seat could swing. The Tory incumbent is facing trial and so has stepped aside (for his wife); it's only been a Tory seat for about ten years and the majority isn't enormous.

I look at the polls and feel a bit depressed, but really I don't quite believe them. I have the feeling (OK, I don't even live in the UK so treat this for what it's worth) that a very large number of people are still undecided. And hundreds of thousands of young people have registered to vote for the first time. I think things can change and I do feel that this election campaign has shown the Labour party that the wider public really is angry about the anti-semitism which perhaps will encourage them to deal with it.

Desperate Reader

It’s a strange election, I get the impression there are a lot of people who are refusing to acknowledge what the Conservative party has turned into, and see Johnson’s behaviour as politically acceptable gaming. They complain about the extra tax they’d have to pay under Labour and cling to the idea that a Corbyn government would be a disaster for the economy convinced, possibly because it’s currently more or less working for them, that it’s working for everybody in its current form. I’m dreading a Tory government because if we get one I’m really not optimistic about my job prospects, rights, what will happen to the nhs - any of it. It feels like such a fundamental divide between perceptions, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed you’re right.


Well, I have to say I'm not feeling at all positive at the moment and your evaluation looks spot on to me.

I understand that people have different criteria for what's acceptable, and for many Boris is their last chance at having Brexit. But I just don't see how you can have a functioning democracy when politicians are rewarded for acting unlawfully, lying, gaslighting and cheating. And what the Tories have written in their manifesto about their plans for the justice system should give everyone pause for thought. They seem to want to trash everything just so they can win. Some of the effects will be irreversible.

I've never felt so depressed about the possible outcome of an election.


My commiserations :(

I have no words.


That's really kind, thank you.

I'm still in shock at just how bad it is.

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