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Wednesday, 28 August 2019


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Sorry, dear, I read this only now - how exciting!!! Congratulations that the words come so easy to you, that sounds wonderful! And thanks for sharing this intimate insight into your writing process.This is really personal, but I understand your desire to hold yourself accountable.
Even if there was no response, I'm always very interested in other people's way to write and, if you feel comfortable with sharing, would love some more details.Eg what time of the day do you find the peace to write? What about hungry cats, unwashed windows, family demanding their share of your time? Do you have a room of your own? Or just a desk somewhere?
I know this is very personal, so don't feel pressed. But go on writing!
Best to your manuscripts at the agents... If your stories are anywhere near your blogwriting, you NEED to be published!


Hello Martina - thank you so much for your kind words! I am very sorry it's taken me so long to reply: I've been away and returned to a massive pile of work.

I started to reply to your questions but it is making for a very long comment... So perhaps I'll write them up as a post. My ways of writing are not terribly exciting but I completely understand your interest in how people write because I share it! It is so weirdly fascinating. I also like reading about how artists and musicians work. I think we're all endlessly fascinated with the creative process, and reading about the externals feeds that fascination.


Weirdly fascinating, indeed... And even if it's very personal and can't be compared to one's own life, I always look for inspiration or ways to manage the little time I have better. Only to get helpless again if I'm held captive by this wonderful monster: REAL inspiration and the urge to bring something to paper. Because I know the text sounds different and get's more difficult if I stop for some days.
I wish I were Virginia Woolf, not only style-wise (who deoesn't?!): writing in the mornings, going for long walks in the afternoons. I have the best ideas when not at my desk...
An extra post would be greatly appreciated, whenever you find time. Thanks for answering in detail, and: may the muse kiss you!

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