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Thursday, 29 August 2019


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Yes, what is the point of having to ask HM if she is obliged to say yes?

The monarchy only has a decorative function these days.

But I understood the Speaker is going to throw his weight around and is busy digging up some other ancient law that may permit the Queen to revoke. Here's hoping...


Well, it seems that BJ is really using a ramped-up version of Theresa May's strategy, try to terrify MPs with the threat of No Deal into voting for the (same old) Deal he is presumably going to flourish forth at the end of October. He is just doing it in a more exciting way. Perhaps he will focus everyone's minds and we will reach the end of this phase of the negotations one way or another. But this is another step down the path of damaging parliamentary rights and in my view no good will come of it.


No point at all. It's so depressing... :(


It IS depressing, all we can do is write to our MPs (or join a protest, not an option for me in the hinterlands of Belgium) and hope that this dreadful government falls soon.

To me, even more depressing is the way so many people eagerly normalise the prorogation and now also the hints from some ministers that they might not abide by MPs' legislation.

As for the Home Office, it just seems to grow more and more pointlessly cruel. What a world.

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