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Sunday, 04 August 2019


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"Call me a foaming purist but lazing about to generate ideas seems to me like covert work and thus not truly in the spirit of proper idling."


I'm glad you decided to be mean :-) Boo on his gender bias.

Although I'm not sure I agree with gardening being idling. It is bloody hard work and in the end you're left with a backache.

Do you watch Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing on BBC2? The second series has just started. Idling in optima forma!


Heh! I'm not sure that it's *his* gender bias as such - more the gender bias of idling itself. Though perhaps there IS a secret canon of idle women. THAT would be truly subversive.

I take your point about gardening not being idling; I didn't really make clear that I didn't understand why self-sufficiency did count as contributing to an idle lifestyle but growing flowers for nothing more than to admire their beauty was not - surely the activities involved (sowing, weeding, pruning etc.) are the same and gardening in the wider sense is without any other goal than to create something pleasurable. And it can be contemplative...

Anyway, I'd hate this to put you off reading it as it is very entertaining and often right...

Is it? I am too lazy to watch much telly and the word 'fishing' is offputting but I do like B&W. Thank you for telling me!


Don't take my word for it: :)


But lethe, I am sure your taste is unquestionable!



Jenny @ Reading the End

"Call me a foaming purist but lazing about to generate ideas seems to me like covert work and thus not truly in the spirit of proper idling."

SO agree! Though I think if you are of the mind to do so, there's a way to view anything as work, and I admit that I am balefully prone to doing that. Even when I sit down and plan to be lazy, I find myself wanting to feel that I'm accomplishing something. It's a Problem.


That's actually something that Hodgkinson does write about - what is work, and if something is fun does it qualify as work?

And yes, it IS insidious, we are always supposed to be busy with something and most of us have internalised that. Resist, Jenny, resist!

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