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Thursday, 15 August 2019


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Thanks for this. It's easy to feel helpless.


I hope you're all right Harriet. It is pretty bad but let us not give up yet.


The stupidity of the people who voted for BJ is staggering. Had they forgotten how he immediately jumped ship after the pro-Brexit vote and let others deal with the resulting mess?

He simply cannot be trusted. He only has his own interests at heart, not the country's.

Feeling for you (and best wishes to Daisy).


Well I agree completely with you, and the staggering thing is that there is basically nothing Johnson can do that will alienate some people, he is amusing and tells them what they want to hear. But ultimately charm is not going to be enough.

No-deal has been prevented before and I believe it can be prevented again. Crossed fingers eh?

Thank you for your best wishes for Daisy; alas, she was just too ill and yesterday she went to the chicken run in the sky.


I am so sorry to hear that. RIP Daisy.


Thank you, that's really kind. Snoeffie the hamster has just died too, of old age I think, so it's a bit sad here.


Aww, I'm so sorry. Sleep well, Snoeffie!


Thanks, lethe. :)

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