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Tuesday, 02 July 2019


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Great review - sounds like a wonderful collection!


"Ronald could not disabuse himself of the notion that Mr. Partridge, preserving more than a memory of Vera Valetta, kept her leg in a drawer of his desk and gnawed on it when alone."

Hahaha! STW is so good at conjuring up these unexpected images.

Another wonderful review. I love how you found a common theme for these stories. (And great photo of Sylvia!)

I have read two other collections by her, the aforementioned Kingdoms of Elfin (which stories were among the last she wrote, mid-1970s) and also The Music at Long Verney, containing 20 stories spanning five decades, from 1929 to 1977. I especially loved Kingdoms of Elfin.

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

I thought I was going to be so unusual, choosing this collection for STRW! I've skimmed the review because I want to finish the stories first.


Harriet - it is! I mean, I did like some stories more than others, but they were all good.

lethe - I actually laughed aloud when I read that and knew I had to get it somehow into my post...

Simon - I thought I was being unusual too! Also, I had it. I'm sure you've got lots of interesting things to say about it anyway. :)

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