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Sunday, 21 July 2019


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Wonderful review!

I think what I loved most about this novel was how it conveys that time is fleeting. Women enter the nunnery, play their important or insignificant roles and then leave again (usually through dying). And still Oby goes on.

I finished rereading Mr. Fortune's Maggot on Saturday. It was the first novel I read by her and it is still my least favourite, although I enjoyed it. I have not written a review yet (only recorded a couple of quotes), because I want to finish its "sequel" The Salutation (in the same edition) first.


Yes exactly, time is fleeting and the institution is larger than the individual. And I think it also reflects the precariousness and provisional nature of life; Oby still goes on but it never feels completely secure (at least to me). When we look back at history it's easy to see events as being predestined to be that way. But in this novel, things are much more tentative and influenced by all manner of things.

I also really loved Sir Ralph's journey to Bracton and Henry Yellowlees' to the leper colony, they both seemed like enchanted places from a mediaeval romance.

If it's all right with you I'll link to your review on the round-up page. :) I'm looking forward to reading it, since I've never read either (though I keep thinking I HAVE read Mr F).


"I think it also reflects the precariousness and provisional nature of life; Oby still goes on but it never feels completely secure (at least to me)."

Yes, I agree. Eventually, Oby will also fall prey to the passing time and decay.

(Have you ever read Here by Richard McGuire?
It is one of my very favourite books and brilliantly visualizes the fleeting time.)

Yes, feel free to link my Mr F review (hope to be able to write it soon) :)


Great, thanks!

I have never even heard of Richard McGuire so I am going to go and read your review...

Good luck with the heat wave I imagine you are also enjoying!


There are a lot of reviews, so here is a direct link to mine:

I've made plans to stay in and not move until the heatwave is over ;)

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