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Monday, 01 July 2019


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Exciting - I'm really looking forward to the reviews. I have just read Lolly Willowes and will be reviewing it soon, but meanwhile I have posted a re-rum of a review I wrote about 18 months ago. Here is the link:


I'm looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts too! I hope you've enjoyed Lolly Willowes and I'm ready to add it to the final post...


What a lovely, varied selection!

My plan is to read The Flint Anchor and Mr Fortune's Maggot/The Salutation.

Unfortunately, due to the heat I haven't made much headway in TFA yet. Every time I sit down to read I doze off :/

But here is my link to the work in progress:
I find STW immensely quotable :)


Thank you! It's been fun reading them, though my reviews aren't proving to be much cop.

I've been having that same problem with The Corner that Held Them, I have a very bad feeling about finishing and writing about it time. Still, we do what we can eh? And Sylvia Townsend Warner is for life, not just for this week... :D

Thank you for the link; I'll go and read it and add it to the round-up post...


Also yes, she is so extremely quotable it seems hardly worth writing about her!

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

Exciting! I always love an excuse to read more STW. More coming later in the week!


Hurrah! And yes, reading so much of her at once has only made me love her the more.


I hope to have two reviews up by the end of the week: The Cat's Cradle Book (short stories) and Lolly Willowes. I'm looking forward to reading more about STW and everyone's thoughts on her works.

Lizzie Ross

Thanks for hosting this event, Helen. I've just posted a review of one of STW's short story collections:

I hope you manage to finish The Corner That Held Them -- I loved it and am curious to know what you and others think of it. Happy reading!


Sandra, I look forward to it! And I am envious that you have a copy of The Cat's Cradle Book.

Lizzie, that's great! I'm adding your link to the final post...

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