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Sunday, 07 July 2019


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Desperate Reader

Thank you for doing this. I don't think I'd have read Mr. Fortune's Maggot without your prompt, but I did, and I loved it (review here ) it has another unconventional relationship at its heart and it's outcome was devastating in ways that I really didn't see coming.


Oh I'm so pleased that you got to Mr Fortune, and I liked your review very much. An unconventional relationship and a devastating ending seem par for the course with STW...


I finished The Flint Anchor in the meantime (*loved* it!) and started rereading Mr Fortune's Maggot. (Glad to hear Desperate Reader enjoyed it.)

I linked to your blog in my (compared to the ones I read through here) short review, I hope that is okay with you :-)


Lovely stuff, Helen. I've enjoyed reading your posts even though I couldn't join in - not for want of books, I hasten to add, as I have several unread and I'm one of those who loved "Mr. Fortune..." I'll get back to STW eventually....


Hello Helen, I'm glad you've delayed closing STW week long enough (I hope) for me to squeeze in my thoughts on Lolly Willowes which are here:

Thank you so much for hosting this week!


Sorry, everyone, I've been away in Brussels for a few days being touristy with my daughter, it was lovely!

lethe, I'm keen to read both of those novels now! And of course that is fine. I'll update the link in the post above.

Kaggsy, I'm glad you've enjoyed it, I have too. Perhaps you'll join us next year...

Sandra, thank you! I'm going to read your review right now and add the link to the main post.


"It’s been suggested that I might do this again next year, and I have to say I am very tempted as I now have even more STWs I’d like to read... Would you be interested?"

I only now see this. Yes, I would be very interested!


Great! That's good to know, thank you.

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