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Thursday, 14 February 2019


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Is washing hens' bottoms something you have to do on a regular basis?

I must admit I had never heard of James Elroy Flecker before, but that Prologue is very pretty.

It seems quite appropriate to have lavender everywhere on Valentine's Day, it is such a lovely smell. Getting rid of the flowers must be a pain though, much like pine needles, I think. But hoovering them up will spread the scent!


I'm still recovering from the image of hen's bums being washed! My mum used to have to deal with our Westie's bottom, but a hen!?!?!?! The mind boggles.

And I adored the smell of lavender, so despite the mess I think I would be quite happy with the aroma! :D


Fortunately, no, I don't wash hens' bums very often, I'm not that kind of person... :D

Not wishing to go into too much detail, Daisy had had the runs and seemed unable to deal with the claggy stuff on her fluffy knickers. Actually it was quite a soothing activity for me, though I am unsure whether Daisy was enjoying the experience or petrified with terror.

James Elroy Flecker has perhaps fallen out of favour a bit: dying young, writing romantic, lyrical poetry and verse dramas, and being prone to Orientalism aren't really a winning combination any more. But I think he did write some lovely stuff too.


I saw a production of Hassan when I was about 13. It made a deep impression on me. I remember this bit:
At the ending of the day
Some to Mecca turn to pray
And I towards thy bed, Yasmin.
Something like that anyway.
I'd hate to have to wash a hen's bottom/


Yes I really think he had a magic touch and some of Hassan is just amazingly beautiful. I've since found out he wrote some novels too, I can't begin to imagine what they'd be like!

Washing a hen's bottom is a great deal more pleasant than you might imagine, I urge you to try it if you have an acquiescent and/or pooey hen.

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