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Sunday, 03 February 2019


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Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Er, I thought flapjacks were the same thing as pancakes. If they were hard it would be very bad news. I will need to look it up to understand what it was you made.

Congratulations on taking the step of sending out your book! Win or lose, it's a big accomplishment. I hope you do keep writing and come up with something that pleases you more.


Oh really, maybe it's one of those US/UK things? Like biscuits? A flapjack is a chewy square of butter, sugar, golden syrup and oats. The oats and the brown colour allow you to delude yourself that they are in some way healthy. I agree a hard pancake would be less than ideal. :)

Thank you! I do not expect to win, I'm hoping if I'm lucky I might make the long list, but if not so be it. It feels like a good end to the book anyway. And thank you again for all your help! I've reworked quite a bit with your comments in mind.

Café Society

I shall be interested to see how you get on with the Lee. I love most children’s fantasy but could never get on with her work. Perhaps you will be able to persuade me otherwise. I have too many teeth problems as it is at the moment so I’ll give the flapjacks a miss. The Bears are offering though if you are looking for someone to eat them.


I am now on a wild sugar high after those flapjacks! The Bears are very welcome to a plateful, I'll email them over.

I've already read the Lee and I really enjoyed it. It's the only one of her books I've ever read and I gather it's not at all representative. It's just a very affectionate play on lots of fairy-tale tropes, with a dash of the Odyssey. I don't think it ranks as great children's fantasy but I found it completely charming and a happy way to spend a couple of hours. I am of course curious about her other books now... What have you read and what were your problems with it? I'd love to know.


I'm excited about the book and impressed that you find time to write with everything else you do. Good luck with it.


Thank you very much!

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