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Friday, 16 November 2018


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jim brown

Butt out--most people voted to leave.


Thanks Jim!

So, given that now a lot of people seem to dislike the withdrawal agreement that's been offered, what would you suggest happens next?


I am so sorry to read this. Like you I was very disappointed by the result, but even more so by the way the Government have behaved since. Who knows what will happen, but right now I am truly ashamed of this whole mess. I hope we get another vote and you will be enfranchised for that.


Hello Pippa, and thank you for your comment. :)

It is just a terrible mess, isn't it? And I do understand the frustration of those who voted Leave and are disappointed by this agreement. But their frustration is as far as I can see misplaced. There is no strikingly better deal on offer. I feel anger that some politicians and commentators continue to insist that there is, but yet never explain what it is in any meaningful way.

Actually, I am still entitled to vote in British elections since I only left ten years ago - obviously I don't usually, because I live and pay tax here in Belgium so it seems wrong to me to do so. But I did vote in the referendum, so I am not myself disenfranchised. But thank you.

Desperate Reader

All of this. Something else that reall bothers me s the way that business leaders have been more or less gagged when it comes to being honest about what this will cost in jobs and food prices - picking on the latter because it's the field I work in. We've seen our margin utterly decimated by rising costs that we've mostly absorbed, but it's been done at the cost of jobs and when you look around, quality of goods too. There is no more margin to be cut, or fat to be trimmed, but any friction in supply chains will mean higher costs - and that's not even considering currency values. It's mostly common sense but there's a stubborn belief that retailers are uniformly ripping you off because they're not all as cheap as primark or Lidl, and a refusal to accept any warnings about what exactly we're letting ourselves in for. And now shoving all the blame in May when it should have been obvious from the outset that there was no better deal to be had. And that's before I even start on the staggering hubris of leavers who talk about how they knew things would be hard (funny they didn't mention it pre vote) but it's a price worth paying - thanks so much for making that decision on behalf of the other 2/3rds of the population.


Well indeed. I for one had no idea about all of that, though I had read about the threat to supply chains. And Brexit hasn't even occurred yet. It's truly worrying.

Where was the period of consultation? Where was the planning? I KNOW it's far too late to mention that now, but this is my one rant on the subject. :)

I genuinely believe that a large proportion of the people saying they don't care about the economic cost simply don't imagine for a second it'll be their job that's cut, their food that becomes too expensive, their relative whose medicine is unavailable. Such a catastrophic failure of empathy (because it's OK if it's your job or your relative).

Jenny @ Reading the End

I'm sorry y'all are dealing with this, friend. Things are crappy in the US too, but that doesn't make it any easier to see friends across the pond cope with politicians who can't seem to get anything useful accomplished for their constituents. I don't have anything helpful to offer but good thoughts, and I am sending you many. <3


Solidarity, Jenny! I've been reading about what's going on in your country and it's woeful. Sending good thoughts your way too.

Annabel Gaskell

I'm with you all the way Helen. And where is David Cameron now? Hiding! I am gutted by the whole thing. I count myself lucky though, I can claim Irish citizenship through my late mum should things get just too bad.

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