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Tuesday, 09 October 2018


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I read this some years ago and was blown away by it. I also watched the film which I thought was surprisingly good, though not as good as the novel, obviously. A well-deserved Booker winner.


I shall look out for the film, I can't say I'm averse to looking at Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett for a couple of hours though I can't say either resembles my idea of Oscar and Lucinda physically.

Strop about the ending aside, it is a very good book and his writing is top rate.

Café Society

I didn’t have the same problem with the ending as you did, although I remember thinking it was rather rushed, but the film, although good in some ways, offers a totally different ending which I think makes a travesty of everything that has gone before. I thought the group of people I saw it with were going to cause a riot in the cinema.


Because it was so rushed, I simply could not accept that Oscar would bury an axe in someone's head, in fact I felt the whole journey was tacked on to the rest. And because I liked Oscar so much I was outraged on his part that he first of all was suddenly a murderer and then died in the church simply to provide a tidy ending. (Though I admit that this might be an emotional rather than an aesthetic response.)

I love the idea of a bunch of readers rioting in a cinema! I rather wish they had.

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