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Saturday, 29 September 2018


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Ah, I sympathise with you most completely. I am no good at gardening things, buy managing computers and teaching and paperwork and the start of the school year is never easy. And cobwrbs seem to rejoice when left unattended, multiplying ever more. I did like your reviews of sorts; sometimes that's all I want is a snapshoy of a novel. Interesting how your four seemed to have a parental theme. My best to you as you carry on in October.


Lovely cats. And what a relief to hear someone else is overpowered with weeds and has a less than spotless house. Unfortunately no new term to blame here either.

Café Society

If it’s any consolation I very nearly ran into an ambulance during my first driving lesson - I think the instructor thought he should have nipped out and got in it there and then as he was clearly going to need its services at some point during the afternoon.


Hello Bellezza and thank you! Yes, it was odd and serendipitous (if I've spelt that right) that the books had a similar theme - especially the Jones and the Streatfeild, which I read one after the other quite ramdomly. They're very different reading experiences though. And the spiders! It's unfortunate that the beginning of the school year coincides with peak cobweb time.

Harriet, dirt and weeds always have the upper hand at gallimaufry towers, it's just rather worse than usual. It bothers me sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't, but anyway it never bothers me enough to actually pick up a mop...

Alex - wow! That is impressive! I'm laughing at your poor instructor.

Jenny @ Reading the End

My heart DOES bleed for you poor teachers. It sounds like an extremely difficult job and I think you are brilliant for doing it, so there.

I adore that last picture of your cats! So gorgeous and sunny!


You'll get the hang of driving in no time. Take heart: in my actual driving test in the States (after only having driven in England), I ended up going the wrong way down a one-way street (hadn't learned the traffic signs yet) and I'll never forget the look on the examiner's face. For some reason, I failed but took it again the next day. All good! If I can do it, so can you! :-)

And love hearing about the kitties! I'm glad that they all getting on now. Always a little fraught to introduce new kitties to the old ones! :-)


Ah, thank you Jenny! My life isn't THAT hard since I only work part-time and I teach adults; anyone who teaches full-time in secondary school is a superstar, I could not do it.

And thank you Liz! That made me giggle. 'For some reason, I failed...' :)

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