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Friday, 24 August 2018


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I read your other post first and only just realised the poor chap is no more. Very sad - but a good idea to get one to fill the gap. I had the same thing happen a few years ago and got 2 rescue kittens - had to keep them in the bathroom as my remaining cat hated them so much at first. He used to growl and hiss at them through the glass door. One of the kittens sadly died but the survivor and my older cat are not great friends - most of the time, anyway.


Ah, thank you Harriet! Even now I still miss his cross orange face in the mornings. But overall I think we made the right decision, it's just such a painful decision to have to make.

I remember you mentioning the difficulty of introducing your kittens and then the sad death of one of them. We do now have two new cat friends with us - I'm going to write a proper post about it - and poor Clara is not taking it too well but nothing like as badly as Mister Puss did when she arrived, nor, from the sound of it, as your older cat did. I am hoping that with a little time they will become friends.


I am so sorry to hear this! Losing a pet is hard.

Hopefully the new cats can help lessen the sorrow, and Clara and they will become chums.


Thank you lethe, that's very kind!

I do still miss him, but stressing about the new arrivals and Clara's mental health have indeed proved a distraction.

Elizabeth Paulk

So sorry to hear about Mister Puss. It's sad when our pets leave us, but when it's time, it's time.

And now - you've got these two new rascals in the house! Have fun with them. And my suggestion: Clara might also be jealous of the attention being paid to the newbies, so perhaps a little quality time with her may help with introductions?

(Just an idea. Our cats definitely get jealous of each other.)


Hello Elizabeth, and thank you for your comment and kind thoughts.

Don't worry, I devoted myself as fully as possible to spoiling Clara at every opportunity and now I think although there is a bit of jealousy things are much improved. I should do an update! But when I'm not soothing feline egos I'm struggling under a mountain of work at the moment!

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