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Tuesday, 31 July 2018


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Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Alas, I just read the Strange Case and did not like it at all. I became increasingly frustrated with the use of American slang ("Whatever" "No big deal" ...) that pulled me out of the narrative. It was a neat idea but did not work for me, largely due to the language. However, I'm glad others have enjoyed it, and the sequel! It just grated on my nerves.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Oh my God, please tell me you're employing hyperbole and it's not really 42 degrees where you are. God bless you. I hope you are wetting your head under cold water as often as possible and staying very hydrated indeed.

Also, this sounds amazing. I love that Theodora Goss stays playing around with form and I LOVE metafiction and I love reworking of classics so I'm definitely going to need to check this series out.


Hello Lory, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it and that it grated! I think you're not alone in objecting to the modern slang, and I see your point. It didn't actually bother me though; to me it was far enough away from a realist novel for that to be fine.

Jenny, it is a TINY bit hyperbole in that the thermometer is hanging in the sun and it was only for two days. I have most definitely not been drinking enough water and I can only manage easy reading, and ETFTMG was exactly the ticket for me. Also, I forgot to mention in the post that you have to like back stories - every character has a back story and tells it. That's not everyone's cup of tea and can be a bit clunky but I liked it. Also, her short stories are very good.

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