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Tuesday, 24 July 2018


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This made me howl! I've had so many noble kitchen intentions turn into questionable-looking gloop. I'm always attracted to recipes that promise healthy alternatives to unhealthy things. I once attempted to make these almond-meal chocolate biscuit things for my husband to take to a work event and NEVER has anything edible looked so much like 2-day old dog poo. He didn't take them. They tasted surprisingly good (I ate them all), so fingers crossed for the blackberry goo.


As I think it's pretty obvious, I don't cook very often; still, this was something of a nadir. But maybe, like your poo biscuits (!!! that made me laugh, reminded me of an unfortunate toffee-flapjack experience) it will taste all right, I am too scared to look in the fridge at present.


Hope you will tell us how it tasted - if anybody has the courage to eat it, of course.


Well, we are all still alive and nobody vomited! (Though calling it Zombie Brain Pudding didn't endear it to anyone.)

I would say that it didn't taste bad, but it didn't taste that nice, either. It was a bit sweet and syntheticky - still, it WAS a packet mix.

Over half of it is left and nobody is clamouring to finish it, so it may well be the hens' lucky day. Or perhaps I could post it to a lucky reader...?

Maggie Roberts

oh, a reader! although i’m guessing that a few days enroute to canada will not increase its attractiveness.

this blogpost actually made me cry with laughing. hope the hens enjoyed it!


Hello Maggie, thank you for commenting!

I agree, travel would definitely not enhance it, especially now it has been through the hens. They did enjoy it but their standards are pretty low, it's not much of an endorsement. :)

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