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Sunday, 20 May 2018


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I recently read A Lost Lady and absolutely loved it! I also love the cover of A Thatched Roof and would love to own that book. Lovely post.


The 'Literasaurus variation' - I love it! A very nice way to legitimise my overthinking... Thanks for the links too. I've noticed when reading these posts that the same thing happens to me every time, and it did with your books. I end up thinking I'd like to read your unread books instead of mine! One day I'm just going to have to make peace with the fact that I won't, in fact, read ALL the books.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

A Lost Lady is not my favorite Cather but I always find her worth reading. I've not read Make-believe either, but would like to (same probable response as you).

That's hilarious about Romola. I've not attempted it even in my Eliot kick some years ago, but sounds like consigning it to the charity pile is probably justified. Maybe give it the 50 page test? I generally feel OK to discard even Great Books if I can't stomach them after that much.


I did mine from favorites because my TBR is so scattered:


Sorry for the late replies!

Grier, that cover is fabulous, isn't it? I love Rex Whistler. It is always fun to grub about in my books and rediscover things I want to read!

Faye, these details are important and I liked the additional level of challenge your idea generated. I am terrible for getting book envy of other people and I still intend to read ALL the books! Though that intention is always complicated by my ability to stare blankly out of a window for horrifying lengths of time.

Lory, you are right and it is possibly two volumes of unreadableness and yet I feel weirdly attached to it. Maybe this year will be the year? I feel a burst of Victoriana coming on, though summer never seems the best moment for it. I meant to read Make-Believe for Elizabeth Goudge Day this year but forgot. :(

Constance, I like the idea of doing it from favourites, that makes it somehow more special! I'm coming over to have a look...


What a nice list of books - all very tempting.... And very glad to see Beverley in there! :))

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