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Thursday, 03 May 2018


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Great post. I love the idea of sending the book to your Mum - sometimes I think it's harder to share things with those closest to us. Glad you decided to keep pushing on. Good luck with it all!

Desperate Reader

Stick at it, even if it's only for yourself for now, meanwhile I'm already looking forward to buying your books one day.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

I would love to read your book! And I have experience as an editor, though not of fiction. I'd be happy to give my two cents (for free). Though I totally understand if you're not ready to reach out beyond your family circle yet. Good luck with your writing endeavors!


Thank you all for your very kind comments, they are really cheering!

You're right, Harriet! But so far it's been great, my mother's given me some excellent advice about the first chapter already!

I wouldn't hold your breath, Hayley, but who knows? And of course I'll sign all your copies!

Lory - thank you so much for that offer! I really appreciate it. I'd love your opinion, if you really don't mind wading through it all. I think I have your e-mail address somewhere so I'll write to you.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Aw, you're so lovely writing this post. I think it's brilliant that you're going to keep working at this -- it's already super impressive that you finished a novel! I will be over here in your corner cheerleading for you! <3


Thank you! I've been lucky enough to have some really brilliant and useful feedback from Lory, so I'm thinking about how to re-work it at the moment.

(I should add it is a very SHORT novel! Although it is probably about to get a lot longer.)


I've only just read this Helen - if you could see me, I'm currently giving you a standing ovation! So impressed at what you've achieved. I've been tinkering with my own writing for ages but in terms of finishing anything I'm still only managing to stick with short stories. A whole book impresses me hugely. When I'm not 'messing about with blogs' I'm a freelance (non-fiction) editor and would happily offer my time to have a look as well if you need more input (although I appreciate sometimes too much input is as unhelpful as too little). Just wanted to let you know I'd be happy to help if you want it.


Faye, that's very kind of you! (I should stress it is a VERY short novel, I have no idea how writers manage to play about with 100,000-word works, my head would explode!)

I'm impressed that you are writing short stories; I don't seem to be any good at them at all. They say it's the hardest form of fiction, and I believe them! I hope you keep at it. It's hard with freelancing and having a small child, even a blog can eat into that valuable time a lot.

It is really generous of you to offer to read it and I may very well take you up on it in the future. :) Lory gave me some absolutely splendid feedback and I am still mulling that over - I need to give the whole thing a massive overhaul if anything, but maybe after that... And of course, it's mutual, so if you'd ever like any comments on your work I'd be delighted to read it. (Am a former non-fiction editor and freelancer too!)


I'm not sure I'm so good at the short story yet either! I keep plugging away because they feel like something I can realistically finish and revisit within a reasonable length of time. Otherwise I feel like I'd go years without finishing anything and risk giving up... Thanks for the mutual offer, Helen. If I can ever stop tinkering, I may well also take you up on that too.

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