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Thursday, 31 May 2018


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Cats are silly creatures. One of mine loves to sit in the empty bath tub and minds not a bit if his underside gets wet but turn on the faucet and he bolts. The other one likes to dip his front paws in the water dish and then lick them but like the other one, turn on a faucet and he's gone.

Your mermaids are wonderful!

Jenny @ Reading the End

Your mermaid doll is beautiful and I love it! And I'm very jealous of you for getting to have thunderstorms -- it's summer where I'm at, which typically means thunderstorms every afternoon, but it hasn't rained at all. I am becoming very cranky.


Hello Stefanie and Jenny, sorry for not replying before! I've been busy devising fiendish tortures for my students in the form of exams...

Stefanie - what? Aren't cats supposed to dislike water? Clara does hang out in the bathtub but only when it's empty, no getting wet for her. Do your cats have fish somewhere in their recent geneaology?

Jenny - I feel for you, I hate hot and humid weather and waiting for thunderstorms that never come would try the patience of a saint. I (not a saint) was in one unending crank for the entire time I lived in Nigeria, it was just TOO hot. I hope you receive your rain soon. :)

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