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Thursday, 19 April 2018


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Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

I've enjoyed some "poem-a-day" projects, so a "piece-of-music-a-day" sounds like a fun equivalent. Is there some link to listen to the music along with the book?

Congrats on the test, and good job motivating yourself. Enjoy your reward. :)


Yay to book splurges!


Thank you, Lory, I am enjoying it! There is apparently a Spotify list which accompanies the book but I don't have an account with Spotify so I just look things up on YouTube. And because they are all such short pieces, I can find different recordings of them and compare them (I am too ignorant to notice much about the differences but even I can hear some of them).

lethe - I agree!


My goodness that lot should keep you happy for a while. I had a passion for Rendell/Vine for many years but ones I've tried lately have seemed a bit dark - well they always were I suppose but no longer right for my mood. She was a great writer though - look forward t your reviews if and when you get around to it. Well done with the test.


I hope they do!

So far I've read A Guilty Thing Surprised, which is actually fairly dark (I mean, what murder mystery isn't really?) but the darkness is kept at bay by the police procedural. But the Barbara Vine books in particular are very dark, as I recall. Like you I'm not sure if they'll still be to my taste; we'll see. At the moment I'm reading The Face of Trespass and she's doing a superb job of making English woods in spring feel alien and discomfiting.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Oh my gosh, look at all those new acquisitions! You must be delighted! Do you catalog your books? Cause one of my favorite things about buying new books is getting to add them to my online catalog. And I am very envious of those lovely Ruth Rendell books all for fifty cents.


I am indeed delighted and have hardly spoken to anyone over the last few days I've been so busy reading! (Though I need a little break from Ruth Rendell now as my view of other people is becoming a little paranoid.)

I don't catalogue my books - though I see the appeal, and I often struggle to find books or wonder if I do in fact possess them, so a catalogue might be handy - but order of any sort seems to be alien to my nature :D

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