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Friday, 16 March 2018


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Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

I think The Princess Bride is one of the rare examples of a movie that is really better than the book. Written by a screenwriter, it probably should have been a movie from the start...but was so counter to the tastes of the time that it almost didn't get made. Since it did, I think you can feel fully justified in enjoying the movie and forgetting about the book (which is seldom the case.)

I really need to reread Last Unicorn, which I read only once a very long time ago. I'm not sure I ever saw the movie at all. I don't know why it never became a recurring favorite read for me, as your description makes it sound utterly entrancing and very much to my taste. Well, maybe it was waiting for me to grow up!


Ha, thank you Lory! :) It does seem CRAZY to me to prefer the film, but there we are.

Do reread it and write up your thoughts! I really thought it was delightful.


I was obsessed with unicorns when I was a kid and read The Last Unicorn when I was around 12. Loved it. Totally missed everything but the basic story, but that's ok. I might have to reread it sometime. As for The Princess Bride, don't feel bad. I have tried to read that book twice and have never gotten beyond the first chapter.


Ooh, lucky you - I WISH I'd read The Last Unicorn as a child! Either I haven't been looking in the right places, or it's not so very well known in the UK. I love your being obsessed with unicorns as a child! :)

That's now two other non-fans of The Princess Bride, I feel less alone!


Such a good review, and I'm reassured that I can now rush out and read it. I was obsessed with the cartoon when I was quite little and have still never read the book. Partly because I was worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations and partly because I sometimes save 'special' books like this for theoretically perfect occasions, which invariably never happen! (I'll add my seemingly lone voice to The PB debate too and say that I loved both book and film... But I do have examples of film over book. Forrest Gump, for one. And Disney's The Sword in the Stone over White's book... Controversial??)


Apparently Beagle wrote the screenplay, so it is very close to the book. It IS difficult when you have high expectations of a book, sometimes it's almost better never to read it but have that perfect shining example in your imagination...

I don't know about Forrest Gump... Sword in the Stone - controversial indeed! I don't know whether I can agree. I do enjoy the film (my daughter went through one of her obsessions with it so I've seen it quite a few times now) and I have to admit that when I recently started the book I got distracted halfway through and didn't finish it. But I was enjoying it. So I can't really have an opinion about that either.

I'm glad that someone has come out for the Princess Bride though!

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