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Thursday, 08 February 2018


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I won't be reading these - updating seems to me a particularly pointless exercise/ I don't like Austen spin-offs as a rule but the ones you mention are great - and so is Clueless, very entertaining film based on Emma.


Oh yes - Clueless! I knew there was a film I'd forgotten. That is good - again, because it's not a slavish retelling but makes something new. And it's funny.

Amateur Reader (Tom)

Paula Marantz Cohen's updates are good. Light and smart. Jane Austen in Boca moves P&P to a Jewish Florida retirement community, and Jane Austen in Scarsdale makes the heroine of Persuasion a high school guidance counselor.

Like the films you mention, these felt like fresh looks at Austen.


Now Pride & Prejudice in a Jewish Florida retirement community is a film I will definitely hunt down. I hadn't heard of this or the others you mention, so thank you very much!


And now I'm wondering where the Wuthering Heights updates are... :)

Amateur Reader (Tom)

Books, but they should be films. Why are they not films, too?


Books? Come on then, which ones? :)

I'm not sure why I'm asking, I'm not wild fan of updating classics, I don't even know why I read these two - just general curiosity I suppose.

Amateur Reader (Tom)

Oh sorry, I mean the Marantz Cohen books are books. You can't "hunt down" the film of "Jane Austen in Boca." No such thing.


Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. I'll hunt down the books then. :)

Christine Harding

I think 'updates/spin-offs' seem to work best when they do something completely different - but they do need to remain true to the original. The only Austen spin-off that worked for me was Longbourn. And moving away from Austen, what about The Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys?


Oh I LOVE Wide Sargasso Sea! And I liked Longbourn in theory, but the emotional part of me baulked at how horrible Baker had made the Bennets, it was like someone bitching about my friends behind their back. :)

Spin-offs are perhaps more to my taste than updates, there's more room for freshness.

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