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Wednesday, 01 November 2017


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Harriet Devine

Interesting. I've read Anne's novels and always felt she'd been undersold - fascinating through the the editions I've read were probably the butchered ones. I don't much like biographies that speculate along the lines of 'must have felt', but this does sound enjoyably readable.


I'm not generally a fan of speculation either, but I have to say that in Anne's case there is so little direct evidence about her that it seems fair enough - we shall never really know one way or the other. And Samantha Ellis is generally good at signalling when she's speculating, or why she chooses one version of a story about Anne or her family over another. So all I can say is, it didn't trouble me really. :) I'm still going to read the Barker though. And get an un-butchered Tenant.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

"It seems to be, in the world of the Brontës, that if you champion one you have to decry the others and that you can only be either/or about them." I'm not in favor of this kind of partisanship but it does seem awfully prevalent. Why pitch the books or sisters against one another...can't they just be differently great?

I did not know that about Tenant of WF Hall. I will definitely need to reread and make sure it's the right edition! I think you'll enjoy Agnes Grey too.


I agree that we should allow them to be differently great - we should be glad to have had all three of them, albeit for such a short time.

I don't know about the US, but in the UK turning everything into some form of competition - singing, baking, painting, gardening - is very much the zeitgeist and I do find it tedious. Perhaps that's where the Bronte wars come from. Perhaps I am turning into a grumpy old git. ;)

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