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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


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Harriet Devine

My goodness this sounds amazing. I must look out for Leonora obviously.


Oh yes do! Basically, everything about Leonora Carrington - her art, her writing, her life - seems to have been amazing.

I've just finished an Edmund Crispin and thought of you - have you come across him before? Definitely your cup of tea.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

I encountered Leonora carrington briefly in my "women in art" class in college but sadly didn't go further than that. I had no idea she was also a writer; your samples make her seem a must to look into further. I love her sense of humor!

Jenny @ Reading the End

Well I have never even heard of her before, but I love her painting and I love her name and I love the quotes you've shared, so I think I'm in the tank for this one! :)


Lory, her sense of humour is great, isn't it? The whole book made me laugh a lot. I'm curious to get on and read more of her writing, I wonder if this is representative or not. Apparently Angela Carter admired her stories...

Jenny, hurrah! If you like her painting, I'm sure you'll like her writing. I have to warn you, the book is quite bonkers, conventional structures go out the window and she throws pretty much everything in there (hmm mixed metaphors) but if you're in the mood for a novel that is unlike any other (that I can think of), this is definitely for you.


There's a Leonora Carrington revival going on! I've just come from Kaggsy's review of Down Below to your wonderful review of The Hearing Trumpet. It's this anniversary, I imagine, and hurrah for that. I love her work - she was a true original. I think I may just love her painting a teeny bit more than her writing, but as my love for both is great, this is not particularly important. You do Leonora proud, Helen.


Oooh, I've just finished Down Below myself! Now I'll have to decide whether or not to read Karen's review before I write mine...

Do you know, I absolutely agree with you about her painting and writing - so far, anyway. I've yet to read her short stories.


Lovely review, and thanks for the shout out! Yes, this a wonderful and truly surreal read. I love Carrington's fiction and fortunately have plenty more on my shelves unread! I hanker after that collection of stories, though...


You're welcome, fellow Carrington fan! Go on, you know you really ought to buy that book, it looks really good, it's calling your name...

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