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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


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It's been a really long time since I read it but I recall a bit of that fatigue too. It is an exhausting book that makes the reader work really hard. And now you have read it, let yourself read something light and frivolous :)


That's absolutely true, Stefanie, it does make you work hard; and that's usually fine by me, I like to work for my reading. I also have to say that just to control all that material in the way that he does is impressive. But while I was reading it I just didn't get much pleasure from it, and when I was writing about it I didn't really feel inspired - normally I only write here about books which make me want to write something, if you see what I mean. So I felt I should explain that it's to do with my reaction to it and not the book itself.

Did you write about it? I might have a quick look through your archives...

And what good advice! I am taking it - I am reading Flora Segunda of Crackpot Hall by Ysabeau Wilce, and it is doing the trick. :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

Okay, so, I like Rushdie's writing and I liked Midnight's Children AND ALSO I do truly prefer The Ground Beneath Her Feet (which tells a story I liked more) and The Enchantress of Florence (ditto). His most recent novel, the 1001 Nights one, was strangely spare compared to what he's written before, so -- maybe that one? If you wanted to try again with Rushdie?


Oh thank you Jenny, I should like to try again with him. I did like his writing, I respect MC and I even enjoyed parts of it. So I am sure we can work something out. :)


I had your reaction exactly, and did not finish. Though I do admire Rushdie's creativity, and his prose is amazing, it's just...... a bit too much.


Hello Claudia, thank you for your comment! I'd still like to try something else by Rushdie; do you think that you might?

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