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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


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Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

"We have to see things differently if we are to accept this story." I think that's a good summary of what it's all about. Been reading slowly but surely through the month...I'm on the sixth and final section. Thank you for these very interesting thoughts.


Thanks Lory! Well done on being a more committed reader than I am. I hope you've enjoyed the experience!


I haven't found too many of us posting on this book, in fact you would be the only one I know of besides myself. But, the comments left are very insightful, and the things you point our expand my perception even further. Sometimes I think I read too lightly, too on the surface, although I surely try to grab the deeper meaning. There's a lot of layered meaning in this book, which I finished mid-month, and I'm glad that you bring the details to light.


I find it's such a difficult book to write about though, don't you? As you say, so many layers, and everything seems to shift paragraph by paragraph, so that you start off by wanting to write one thing and then qualify it and then...

Perhaps other people will post a bit later? It's a long book and - ahem - some of us haven't quite finished it yet! We'll see.

Amateur Reader (Tom)

Perhaps other people will post about it!

Book 2 is far enough to get to plenty of "what then?" August's story, for example, moves pretty fast, at the speed of a Model T, at least, and has conflict, even menace, and a melodramatic ending.


I responded to your comment on my blog. Please don't feel any sort of "cap of shame" thing about the read-along! It's a long book of quite some depth, and you have added tremendously to my appreciation of it with the posts you have written. If you finish it, great, if not, let's not turn our joy into a job. :)


Tom, I expressed myself badly. I don't mean that there is no 'what next?', but that it isn't a terribly strong driving force. I agree that August's story does move fast, and it's nicely set in the longer, slower narrative arch. But even that story has its 'what next?' slightly defanged: it's clear I think from the outset what has happened to August. I find it's a novel more interested in the 'how' than in the 'what next?'. But that's just my interpretation. :)

Bellezza, you are very kind! I'm not really wearing my Cap of Shame, I realised quite early on I wouldn't finish it in time. So I'm reading it slowly and enjoying it and I do plan on posting more about it. I'm glad you've liked what I have written!

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