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Friday, 01 May 2015


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Harriet Devine

Fantastic photo -- presumably the first one is a detail of the second one. I had heard of Lartigue -- I'm a great lover of vintage photographers and he is one of the best. Never seen this one, though.


Hello Harriet, I think you're right. I know nothing about photographers, so I enjoyed exploring that site.

I love the expression on Bichonnade's face!

Jenny @ Reading the End

But how will she land safely? With her skirts all caught up that way around her ankles?

(I am such an old lady lately. I am having the most old lady reactions to everything this week.)


Jenny, you are not an old lady, you are thoughtful. I never spared the smallest thought for poor Bichonnade's safety, and I feel properly ashamed of myself now. :)


She looks like she is flying! What a a fun photo. though I admit a twinge of worry like Jenny over how she was going to land without eating some of that gravel.

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