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Friday, 06 March 2015


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Is this Mr Puss, of whose thuggish nature I have heard and been tickled by in the past? He is rather beautiful, which he probably knows.

I certainly need something to fend off my cat, who believes every hour is teatime and is becoming more vocal about this the older he gets (he's 15, so about 75 in human years and the epitome of a grumpy old man). Generally, the extra use I put my books to is wall insulation. At least, this is my story for Mr Litlove, and I am sticking to it.


Who would have thought the book could come in handy like that? I have not read it so have not had the opportunity to employ it in various ways. When I read the Edith Grossman translation of Don Quixote in hardcover I did create a book workout to go along with it :)

Faye @ Literasaurus

Ha! I've actually just taken my copy of 'Jonathan Strange...' off the shelf as I want to re-read it soon. It is a monster. I won't be fending off any animal attacks (no cats in this house, sadly) but I'm thinking of other creative uses... Foot rest, paperweight and small 'step-up' to reach the top kitchen cupboards spring to mind.

Harriet Devine

Sounds like the best use for it -- I simply couldn't get into it at all, and found it really irritating. So it went to the charity shop, which is a sort of non-reading use, I suppose.


litlove, it is indeed that same Mister Puss. He cannot quite reconcile himself to being a slightly overweight, middle-aged ginger cat, so sometimes he's all, 'I am TIGER!!!' and leaping out from under the sofa and being bitey. My sympathies for you and your grumpy old man cat. Mister Puss also gets sweary at breakfast time.

And I use the insulation argument too! I'm pretty sure that it must be Scientific Fact.

Stefanie, a book work-out! Intellectual as well as physical, if it's Don Quixote. :)

Faye, read it, read it, and write about it! I'm finding it even better on a second reading. Your list of non-reading uses is impressive! It also makes a handy impromptu coffee table (although of course I used a coaster, I'm not spoiling my precious book).

Ah, Harriet, I love it! But it's too long to slog through if you don't.

Christine Harding

I could stand on it and add inches to my height!I tried to read this, and couldn't get along with it. Think I took my copy to charity shop, but maybe I should try again.


Heh, Christine, that reminds me of when I was at university, one of the other English students borrowed the Shakespeare Concordance from the library, took it to a rugby match (as you do) and stood on it to get a better view (he was quite small). I don't think that the Concordance was really injured, but of course the fellows were apoplectic. Grown-up me is appalled in retrospect.


Hello Helen, it is certainly a substantial book. When I bought my copy, I was very intrigued and felt it was going to be a great thing. Indeed, I remember starting it with high hopes and thinking it was something great, but after I got so far into it, it became overwhelming and I eventually stopped, haven't picked it back up for years. Perhaps one day? Who knows...


Lori, I have to say I really loved it the first time I read it, and enjoyed it EVEN more the second time. 'Overwhelming' is a great way to describe it, because it really is another world into which you're pulled, and complex and sometimes a bit messy. Maybe its moment will come for you. Or maybe not? There are many more wonderful books in the world waiting to be read... :)

Dark Puss

We grumpy middle-aged cats are indeed (sometimes) rather beautiful. I am not sure I have ever been fended off by a volume of anything, though I have some wighty tomes (Siegman's excellent book on Lasers for example) on my office shelves which I could use on any felines trying to usurp my chair.


Heh, I am afraid that Mister Puss TOTALLY trades on his personal beauty. He just looks at us and we all coo over him, oh he's so sweet.

As for never being fended off by a volume of anything, might I venture to suggest you have never indulged in the savaging of an innocent party's ankles? You seem far too civilised. :)

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