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Friday, 28 March 2014


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That is a really lovely portrait and your write up was very enjoyable :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

Oo, I love it! Well done Meredith Frampton for that. I like how she looks like she knows something important but she hasn't decided if she's going to tell it to you yet.

Harriet Devine

What a heavenly portrait and what an interesting story. And the final photo is heaven. She's changed remarkably little. I love to see pretty old ladies!


It is lovely, isn't it? Thanks, Stefanie!

Jenny, she does look like that exactly!

It's true, Harriet, there aren't enough pictures of pretty old ladies, and gentlemen (I do like Frampton posing madly in that last photograph). And she does seem to have been a remarkable person.


Although the painting is remarkable, I love the last photo best. What a character, and how very beautiful she still is!
Don't you think the bird alludes simply to her voice? Maybe it's nothing sad?
Thanks for this wonderful cycle - your English class must be a pleasure.


What a wonderful post! I love it! I really like the portrait too. I think it has quite a mischievous quality; she may look as if butter wouldn't melt, but you have to wonder if she's going to release that bird or roast it. Its fate hangs in the balance... The photo at the end is perfect.


Hello Martina, sorry for taking so long to reply!

I've been thinking about the bird in the cage. I thought it alluded to her, and her voice, and that it was sad that she felt caged. But maybe she is about to free it? And then I looked again at the bird and it appears to be a budgie, and I don't usually associate budgies with beautiful singing (maybe I'm wrong?). So maybe there's a little joke there? In any case, Winifred herself doesn't look sad, I agree.

litlove, your comment made me laugh. She does look mischievous! But I can't believe she'd really roast the bird, would she?

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