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Tuesday, 24 December 2013


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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

And a Merry Christmas to you, Helen - I love your zombie angel! All the best for a wonderful year of reading and blogging in 2014.


I love your angel! Merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays! It's not the end product but the time you spent with your daughter. I am sure she loved every minute of it and I think the angel is sweet! :) Have a great Christmas!


Aw, thank you vicki, Stefanie and Danielle for the kind comments about the zombie angel. I hope that you all had a very happy and peaceful day yesterday.


And a very merry Christmas to you and your family, dear Helen! This post made me laugh, although I think your fairy is pretty cool. She has very happy hair! Hope you've been having a lovely, restful time. Thank you for your wonderful posts and your utterly brilliant comments. Here's to a fantastic 2014 for you and yours.


Just a wee bit behind, but Merry Christmas to you too! I don't think your Christmas angel looks like a zombie, she's just rather folk artish isn't she? :)


'Happy hair' is a lovely way to describe it, litlove. Still, I don't think I'll be troubling etsy with my peg-doll angel shop quite yet.

Thank you Lori, 'folk artish' is also a kind description, if you saw her in daylight you might blench.

And thank you to everyone for all your lovely and perceptive comments - they're what keeps me coming back here.


A belated Merry Christmas, Helen. For some reason my feed has only just sent your post across - everyone on holiday I suppose. I hope it was as peaceful as it can be we with a three year old, but then what else would you ask for. Have a wonderful New Year and do keep writing.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Hahahaha, I am the worst crafter in the world, and I bet my crafts would fail way worse than yours. I am able to make stockings, however. It is my one crafty ability. I am currently engaged in cross-stitching an elaborate stocking for a friend's upcoming baby.


Thanks Alex! It was actually rather peaceful, I introduced my daughter to Winnie the Pooh - she didn't understand all of it, but she enjoyed it and it made me cackle to myself between mince pies. I hope you had a lovely holiday too.

Jenny, I'm sorry, but if you can make stockings and cross-stitch, you cannot possibly claim to be the worst crafter in the world and furthermore I am filled with envy which is most certainly not a proper sentiment for the Christmas season. :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Christine Harding

I love the angel too! And the fun of doing craft things is the making rather than the final appearance! Hope you had a happy Christmas, and best wishes for the year ahead.


And very best wishes to you too, Christine! I'm planning on visiting the Book Trunk much more frequently in 2014, I do enjoy it there.

I agree that it's the making rather than the result... And yet, Christine, I'd find your point more convincing were you not yourself horribly creative and crafty! Heh.

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