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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


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Helen, thank you so much for the Winterson and the MeMO links. I love Winterson's journalism and there are a great many pieces here that I haven't come across before. I always find what she has to say a great source of ideas for the blog so be prepared to come across posts that she has inspired. And next academic year I have a project in mind that will bring together the arts of the medieval world and the context out of which they grew and the MeMO site is going to provide me with endless examples to study.

I'm so glad term is ended and that you've survived the year. The first couple of years teaching will be tough, but nowhere near as hard as this one has been.


Learning to drive is definitely easier than learning Dutch! It's simply practice, and that's all there is to it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your exam result but I have every faith in you. And thank you for the link to Jeanette Winterson on the Moomins. That's a match made in heaven!


Dear Alex, I'm glad you enjoyed it! There's a cracking piece she wrote about money and worth which is also on that site.

Have you come across the Gothic Ivories Project (I wrote about it here It might also be helpful to you, and there are lots of beautiful things there to look at.

Heh, next year it looks as if I'll just be teaching part-time, and my students will be adults, and I've sort-of already taught one of the courses... So it should be much easier (although, of course, one never knows).

Dear litlove - phew! I'm not entirely a driving novice as I did have a stab at it when I was 18 but was truly crap at it. I've always felt the roads were safer without me at the wheel...

Jenny @ Reading the End (formerly Jenny's Books)

Oh wow. MeMO is amazing. I've bookmarked it for closer inspection later.

As for learning to drive -- don't worry about it! I'm confident you will succeed. I had a ghastly first driving instructor, and I still learned to drive no problem, and now it's one of my favorite things to do. When I lived in Louisiana and had a car, I used to sometimes run driving errands just to calm myself down. It's so lovely to drive your car around with the windows down and listen to music. It's really, really peaceful.

Christine Harding

What interesting links, all on the theme of memory - I especially like the Jeanette Winterson piece, and those ceramic heads. A local theatre group based where I live does a lot of similar work with older people, using objects and photos to prompt memories of the past, and using the information for performance and story telling.


Dear Jenny, it IS very cool, isn't it? Thank you for your encouragement. I find it hard to imagine driving a car and feeling peaceful at the same time, but it's something to aim for!

Dear Christine, that sort of theatre work sounds both fun and fascinating. Do they make the performances available to the general public?


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