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Monday, 13 May 2013


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This is one of the few classical ballets that I've never seen so it's one of those stories that I think I know but probably don't. What I do know, however, is that Anthea Bell is one of 'the' great translators, so if she has a version of this available I shall definitely be getting a copy. Don't worry about your course. Every trainee teacher despairs from time to time - it's part of the experience. You'll come though.

Joan Hunter Dunn

This sounds the perfect book for maternity leave and for godchildren gifts.


Heh, Alex, the little time I do spend here I seem to be whinging all the time about my course! But I feel I ought to explain why I haven't been around. Thank you for all your lovely comments and support, they mean a lot.

As for the ballet, just set aside an hour and a half or so, click on that link, and emjoy! Despite the frequent viewings I still love it.

Dear Joan, it absolutely is! It's the sort of book which just makes you feel happy, although I will say I felt rather sorry for Mistress Mousie. I do hope you and your godchildren enjoy it, I feel sure that you will!


What a gorgeous post and what gorgeous pictures to accompany it! I'm impressed that this is what your little daughter has chosen to fall in love with. At the same age my son liked Thomas the Tank Engine videos! And then from 6 onwards, the computer game Age of Empires, whose music was like a semi-permanent hallucination in my mind! I know just where you're coming from. I've never read this story and it sounds utterly delightful.But then you make everything sound delightful. :-)

Christine Harding

Your post was every bit as lovely as the ballet and the music which are absolutely enchanting - I can't remember a time when I didn't love them. Your little daughter obvously has excellent taste!


Dear litlove and Christine, thank you very much!

Ahem, I fear I may have given the wrong impression of my daughter, who is not remotely high-minded and who also loves some of the more parentally distressing programmes on cBeebies... But she is a ballet fan and we do have to play a lot of Nutcracker-related games, I have to be her 'Pwince' while she twirls about or stands on one leg with an expression of great concentration. (She'd really like Mister Puss to be her 'Pwince' but he shows nothing but contempt for ballet.)

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