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Sunday, 31 March 2013


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Thank you, Helen. I've spent the day curled up with the new Kate Atkinson which is compulsive reading. I hope you're having a real break from your course. Taking time for yourself when you're teaching is vital.

Joan Hunter Dunn

Happy Easter to you as well. I love the print.

Happy Easter to you as well! I'm having a quite lovely day what with Lent being over and whatnot. I can drink again! Lovely lovely gin.

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

Happy Easter, Helen - enjoy your reading. (And I love those F&M prints)


Alex, that sounds a terrific way to spend a day. I have a lot of coursework to do and one way or another don't get much time to myself, but I did hide in the bath for an hour yesterday morning to steam through a bit more of 'Fowler's End' giggling quietly.

It IS a lovely print, isn't it? I didn't know much about Edward Bawden before (well, I don't know much now to be honest!).

Mmmm gin. Jenny, I hope you are rewarding yourself liberally for a virtuous Lent - cheers!

I always enjoy my reading Vicki! I hope you're enjoying yours. I've just seen all your books over at A Work in Progress, and apart from dying of envy over them all I am so pleased to read a philosophy of unashamed book hoarding. Also, have you read any Worrals?


Happy, happy Easter dear Helen! I hope it was lovely and restful and fun for you. Ours was nice, too, including some family visiting and plenty of cupcakes. Oh and books for me, of course (no celebration is complete without them, even if I have to buy them myself...).


That sounds a terrific Easter litlove! Ours was lovely too, although I suddenly went a bit wild and decided to bake hot cross buns - those that weren't burnt were more brick than bun but almost all have been eaten so now I am feeling Nigella-ish and May Step Into the Kitchen Again...

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