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Friday, 16 November 2012


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Dear Helen, no one deserves to have a little secret swank more than you! You do make me laugh. I confess I did not realise about the 200 followers thing, and just picked people I wanted to know more about! Your study is AMAZING. The fireman's pole, the secret cheese stash, the toasting fork, oh the details are just magnificent. I have also read parts of Francine Prose's book on muses, and I do sort of know what you mean. I picked it up to read about two of the women in particular (which two is now lost to the mists of time) and while I know I should pick it up again and finish it, I haven't yet, x years later. I wonder whether a book that is upfrontly and forthrightly subjective is more satisfying that Prose's awfully polite but nevertheless surreptitiously subjective analysis. And yay for mentioning Ali Smith! I love her.


Dear litlove, you are cordially invited to come and toast cheese with me and the smelly dogs any time. Thank you very much for the award and the meme!

I feel bad for being rude about Francine Prose's book, there is much good there but we just failed to click. Being upfrontly subjective may not always be good, but I do think it helps you find where you are, and I find that people who write passionately about their subject are always more engaging (though that may not necessarily make for good scholarship).

Actually I owe Ali Smith to you - you recommended her to me when I was looking for a book for my English class - so another thank-you is in order here!


Thank you, Helen! Once I've stopped dreaming about whizzing along on a lovely library ladder before indulging in a very dry sherry (perhaps with some little cheese biscuits?) in front of your fire, I will spring into action - it is very sweet indeed of you to select me for a Liebster award.


(Whoops - please ignore that a letter reversal means my address goes to a Christian site!)


Yes yes, very dry, and little cheese biscuits would be perfect!

You are very welcome. And I think I got the link right in the post - must admit I was surprised the first time I clicked through your name...

I'm looking forward to reading your answers!


Thank-you! So chuffed :)
I am very much sympathising with your comment about having the temperament of a princess this week, so once I have the work under control I will respond. Hopefully daydreaming about the perfect library doesn't prove too distracting...


Oh, can I come visit your library? Pretty please? I promise I will sit very quietly in a corner reading and not disturb you at all!

Christine Harding

Thank you - I'm thrilled! I may have to steal some of questions, but I will think about this while I tidy the book/craft/spare room, which has morphed into a junk room.


Dear Catie and Christine - you are both very welcome and I'm nosily looking forward to reading what you have to say. I hope your work settles down soon Catie - and your 'junk', Christine!

Stefanie, do come and join me in my library. litlove is coming too, and we could have a lovely gossip!


Ok, I was fond of my own imaginary library, but now I want to move into yours! Among other things, I love the apple-trees-and-old-roses view! Oh, and the globe, and the fountain pens, and the magical house-cleaning process...!
I'm another working girl with a princess attitude - hence the love of sofas where I can curl up with a book. Hence also my immense tardiness in marking and returning my pupils' papers...
I look forward to reading your answers to my questions next week - and congrats on the award. I really enjoy your blog!


But Florence, your imaginary library is wonderful and I am planning to come and bask by the fire there some time!

I was really delighted to receive the award from you. I'm not sure if it would be good blog etiquette for me to give it back to you! But I am very glad to have found your blog and if you fancy answering any of the questions, please go ahead!


Thanks Helen! I think the rules state somewhere that you can't tag back, i.e. nominate the person who nominated you. But I'm very chuffed that you wanted to give me the award too :)
I particularly like your questions 2) 5) and 7) and have been giving them some thought - but I am so behind with posting reviews that I really have to work on one first, or I risk losing all my followers!

bibliolathas (vicki)

Hi Helen - I've done mine now:

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