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Thursday, 25 October 2012


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Is this illustrator Mervyn Peake the same author of The Gormenghast Trilogy? No worries, Helen, take your time. :)


Heh heh, hello Claire! I'm having a little coffee break... Yes it is the same Mervyn Peake - I've added to the caption a link to his website, if you're interested. I had a mild Peake obsession when I was a teenager and it's never really worn off.


I just got a copy of The Ghormenghast Trilogy, and am really looking forward to reading it. I bought it mostly for my daughter (not to read now, but when she's older) but am excited to try it myself.


Oh I hope you enjoy it Michelle! It's unlike anything else I've ever read, in terms of imagination and style, and people tend to have strong feelings about it.


That picture is so very telling. I hope you're working through that mountain of work and don't feel too overwhelmed! (and sorry for the late commenting).


Hello Iris, thank you for your lovely comment! Things are definitely improving now - I hope to get back to writing here regularly very soon.

Don't apologise for late commenting! You're busy too. As you might have noticed I've been terrible about commenting recently, I do understand. And it's not as if you MUST comment anyway.

I hope you're enjoying your month of posting every day.

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