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Friday, 27 January 2012


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Great review -- I've now read four of his but not this one. Hooray for HG week!

Simon T

Great review, Helen - this sounds very different from Blindness, and a definitely more confident novel. I don't think this is one of the six I have, so it might be a while before I get to it, but my interest is certainly piqued. I love what you say about Green loving his characters - some authors clearly do, and others clearly don't care.


Henry Green has long been one of those authors I feel I really should read. And yet I shy away from him, although I don't know why. He sounds to me like Patrick Hamilton - bittersweet comedy, very black depths, which I can appreciate but not always love. Still, I really should try him some time! Lovely review, Helen.


Thanks Harriet! It was you who put me on to HGW. Have you written your review of Living yet? I'm looking forward to it...

I really enjoyed your review of 'Blindness' Simon, and it does seem quite different. But then of the two and a half I've read, I should say that they are all different in terms of subject matter - I think his feel for character and dialogue, and his amazing prose, is a constant.

Patrick Hamilton is an apt comparison litlove, especially for this novel, although Green's style is very different and I think he is more affectionate towards his characters. (But it's been a while since I read any PH.) 'Caught' probably isn't the best place to start. Maybe you should try 'Party Going', I think you'd enjoy it: it's about a group of rich people trapped in a station hotel by fog and there are two terrific reviews, one by Harriet ( and one by Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat (

Thanks for your kind comments!


lovely review ,I loved this book the clash of class and also the build up to war the mens past made it such a compelling read ,all the best stu


Enjoyed this post & the backstory of its publication. My book for HG week was Party Going, which I loved the writing but despised the characters


Thanks stu and parrish! I completely agree stu, I enjoyed the clash of the classes and the sense of fluidity in society which the war seemed to bring. I can't help wondering what happened to Mary and her daughter though; what do you think?

parrish, I don't mind if characters are likeable or not (although it's nice if perhaps one per book is) but you're right, it's the quality of the writing which makes it work. And it takes a touch of genius to encourage us to read on about people we despise.

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