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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


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Amazingly I have read two of these. Morality Play is good but Oscar and Lucinda is totally wonderful. I do hope you read it. Your chicken that lays the small eggs must be a bantam? I have one - tiny eggs but very delicious.


Actually I am rather hoping that one of those two wins, they are the ones I'm most drawn to.

Frosty and Speckle are too big to be bantams; I'm assuming their eggs are small because they are still young, though I don't remember this happening before with other hens. (My memory is pretty poor though.)

Anyway, the eggs are very tasty so I am not complaining. :)


I'm going to vote for Oscar and Lucinda because I'm sure there's a copy on my TBR shelves somewhere and I do like knowing your thoughts on things I have or am potentially about to read!


Ha, thank you! Though maybe you should hunt your copy down and we could both read it and compare notes...


I have The Shawl on my TBR pile and in my opinion it is way too bleak for May.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Happy spring to you and the animals! I think I vote for Morality Play -- I watched the movie of Oscar and Lucinda and was deeply dismayed at how it ended. Agh. I am thinking about it now, and my dismay is as fresh as the day it launched. Stupid Oscar and Lucinda.


Sorry to take so long to reply!

lethe - maybe we should both save it for November and read it then?

Jenny - ooooh now I am really curious about the ending of Oscar and Lucinda. So I may have to read it in spite of you, sorry.

Voting results so far:

Oscar & Lucinda: + 2 - 1
Morality Play: + 1 + maybe 1/2?
The Shawl: - 1

I am not sure where this leaves me exactly... Perhaps someone else will come and vote...

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