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Thursday, 17 August 2017


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Great review! This sounds brilliant - I must admit I didn't manage to finish Jonathan Strange, but I love the sound the female monsters and I love a bit of intertextuality and literary games.


It's much pacier than JS&MN so it might suit you better. I could barely put it down even though the plot twists weren't difficult to foresee - it was just too fun to put down.

The female monsters - one of those ideas so brilliant you wonder why nobody had thought of it before.

Jenny @ Reading the End

Oh goody this sounds fun! I am never mad at a story for being too plotty (well, almost never), and I liked the book of Theodora Goss's I've read previously. So good times all around! Adding it to the list!


Ha ha, it does seem a silly criticism really when so many books muff their plots. I just wanted a bit of a breather sometimes, and a bit more character development. And I feel a bit mean saying that because I do believe that you should judge a book on what it is rather than what it might have been if you'd been there to boss the author about.

Anyway, I think you'd like it and I'd love to read your Thoughts when you have read it.

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Well, as I think you know you're referencing two of my favorite fantasy books in the first paragraph so I have got to check this one out! I'm not much of a horror reader, though, so I have not read most of the "female monster" books (except Frankenstein just recently, and Rappaccini's Daughter), but I should think I will want to after this.


It was fun, I hope you enjoy it! Though I'd say her stories are closer to LITM and JS&MN than the novel, and there perhaps more in sensibility than in subject matter. (Also, I am not widely read in fantasy, there may be better comparisons!)

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