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Monday, 03 July 2017


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I've made a couple of attempts at reading Angela Thirkell but have never managed to like any of them. This review has made me want to read this book, so maybe it's time to give her another chance.


I'm not sure this is a very fair review of this novel! I'd recommend reading those by Jacqui, Jane and Hayley first to get a better idea of it!

I read somewhere that Thirkell's quality was a bit variable and she did write a lot of novels, so perhaps you've just had bad luck? Or she may not be your thing. This one also had quite a lot of booky discussion, which is always nice, and Laura's novels and choice of reading material were very entertaining.


Like Harriet, my only attempt at Thirkell fell apart early on - Tony irritated me to death and I couldn't handle the hunting aspects. But I'm prepared to admit that she probably appeals to many!


Ha - I was going to mention, but forgot, that there's a revolting bit near the beginning where Tony is going to bed and cuddles up to his toy donkey and Foxy, which is in fact the brush of a fox cub killed on his first hunt. Tony! It would be much better if Foxy were still attached to his (living) owner!

Otherwise there wasn't much hunting. And I did love Tony. Apart from his hugging of bits of dead fox. Ew!

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