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Friday, 09 June 2017


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Desperate Reader

Totally agree, it might be a bit of a mess but the turn out was good so at least we have a decent idea of what the country wants - and it turns out to be complicated (no surprise). But I feel so much more optimistic today than I did yesterday.


Me too! That's absolutely it, that there is hope after all and that people do care about human rights, social justice, education and each other.

Although, not unmitigated joy as Nigel Farage is apparently threatening to return to politics.


Oh - I had forgotten about the DUP.

But I'm still ridiculously happy! Let sober reality puncture my balloon of joy tomorrow, I'll enjoy today a little longer. :)

Desperate Reader

There's ten of them, they can't guarantee much, so don't really have a lot to bargain with (I hope). It's a very, very, small margin for error, and it's not a formal coalition- I'm going to stay hopeful for as long as I can!


I am hoping next year's midterm elections in the US have similar results to the UK!


I hope so too, I am remaining happy though at least I have now managed to do a bit of work. You are right, let's enjoy good news for as long as we possibly can.

Oh, me too Stefanie!


And this is still making me laugh:

Mother of Parliaments...

Jenny @ Reading the End

I am hoping it comes out well! This messed-up partnership with DUP hopefully will come to naught?


I hope so too Jenny, really who knows, it's just so lovely to feel that actually I recognise my fellow country men (people!) again and that there is the possibility of change.

I am entirely open to believing that in fact the consequences of this election won't be too great (because I am a natural pessimist!) but if the Tories have any wit, it's the end of the hard right policies that May has promoted, and that's a good thing in my eyes.

Having one NI party power-sharing with the government might well have consequences for the balance of power in Northern Ireland and that is a worry. I don't think for a second that they'd be able to get any anti-LGBTI legislation enacted or repeal abortion, most of the Tories themselves wouldn't stand for that. However, I was confident that Brexit wouldn't happen and that Trump wouldn't be elected so perhaps my powers of political analysis are erm poor.

Really I have no idea. As Brenda almost said, there's certainly a lot of politics about these days. At least more of us seem to be engaged in them as a result.


I so agree with all you and the other commentators say here. I too am feeling encouraged and optimistic about the fact that so many people recognised true honest principles and humanity despite the attempts of the Tory press and tabloids to produce the opposite effect. Who knows what the coming days and weeks will bring but surely we are heading fr a real change.

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