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Tuesday, 06 June 2017


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Harriet Devine

Great review of what sounds like a fascinating book. Thanks!


Thank you Harriet! :)


Wow! this sounds really fascinating! Very much enjoyed your review. Hopefully I can make time to read the book someday!


It's a remarkably powerful book, isn't it? And most astonishing is the dispassionate tone - I don't quite know how she managed it!


Stefanie, it's a fascinating book and actually extremely short - definitely worth your time!

Karen - I'm sorry, I forgot to link to your review which I thought was very good ( It is powerful, and amazing how she captures that totally distorted view of the world as if it is completely 'normal'.

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

Gosh, this sounds quite something! And excellent reviewed.

I just read The Hearing Trumpet, and I think may have decided that Carrington isn't for me... but I like reading *about* her and about her books. She may be in the same category as Gertrude Stein for that, albeit for slightly different prose reasons!


Thank you!

The Hearing Trumpet is definitely not everyone's cup of tea; but this is very different and you might enjoy it more. The foreword by Marina Warner is very good. I've just started reading her short stories, and they're different again, and quite like her pictures somehow.

There's an excellent article by Joanna Walsh about Leonora Carrington somewhere - I think on the Verso blog? And Karen wrote a great review of a new biography on Kaggsy's Bookish Ramblings, if you haven't seen that...

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