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Saturday, 03 June 2017


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Harriet Devine

Excellent story with a delightfully happy ending! Glad you had a fun party, too.


Ah, thank you Harriet! I had a sudden thought that it was actually the most boring post ever so I appreciate that!

Raisins seem to be like crack for hamsters, I am teaching them to climb on my hands and who knows, maybe some tricks? Maybe this could be the beginning of the Gallimaufry Hamster Circus, coming to a town near you...

Jenny @ Reading the End

Aw, good old Ipswich! I am so mightily fond of Ipswich!

One of my dear college friends had a hamster that was prone to escaping. It was very surprising to witness. You'd be looking straight at the cage, and all of a sudden the hamster would flatten itself into a hamster puddle and puddle out between the cage bars. It was also the only survivor of a terrible hamster massacre, so I always suspected it was warped and thus uniquely gifted at escaping. Apparently not!


Jenny, are you really? I am - slightly surprised!

Hamster puddling, eh? It sounds as if that hamster had a very dramatic life. I hope that neither of our hamsters is so gifted. Clara does still spend a lot of time hanging around their cage, and this morning Mister Puss left an attractive reminder of his hunting prowess outside the back door :(


How traumatic for all concerned! And so glad the missing hamster was safely found - phew! :)


Further drama last night, Karen, when Clara managed to leap up and knock the entire cage onto the floor. Fortunately nobody was hurt and the hamsters were too surprised to take advantage and escape. I think that Clara was perhaps the most frightened! Anyway, catproofing measures being taken today...

Moral: if you feel that your life is a bit dull, get a hamster.

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