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Saturday, 06 May 2017


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Harriet Devine

I've never read Storm Jameson either though it sounds as if I should. This is obviously a really excellent novel. I'm always fascinated by France just after WW2, stories of how people, and places, coped with the aftermath. One to look out for.


Oh this sounds wonderful! And completely up my alley - I'll have to see if I can track down a secondhand copy. I don't like to think how many books I've got on my shelves that I have entirely forgotten... I should have a sort out, too, especially if it results in finds as good as Storm Jamieson (I want to be called Storm. Storm Litlove... what do you reckon? ;-))


I think then that you would really enjoy this one Harriet! Jameson herself was of course not French, but I think works that to advantage here as her 'main' character is English.

Storm Litlove? Erm, I'm not quite sure about that... :D But it makes a great name indeed! I'd love to know what you think of it if you ever do come across it. There's an interesting second strand about the status of women in rural France and how oppressive and souring it is to be one.

Alison Davies

Just found this for a pound recently,never read any by Jameson.You made me want to read it next as i was doubtful.



Great review! I have a copy of this I picked up because I thought it sounded so intriguing, and you've made it sound even more so!


What a nice find on your shelf! Now are you going to read all the other books of the author's you have collected? Hopefully they turn out to be as good as this one.


Thank you for sharing in this article. I can learn a lot and could also be a reference


Thank you for your comments, sorry to take so long to reply.

Alison, welcome! Do try it, and then come back and tell me what you think of it, I'd love to know! :)

Read it Karen! And write about it! I feel Storm could do with being better known.

Stefanie, I most certainly shall! I hope they live up to this. Was she ever published in the US, I wonder?

Thank you Kevin, I hope it is helpful. :)

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