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Monday, 22 May 2017


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Harriet Devine

Nice that E got a present for your wedding - smart idea - but as a hater of rodents I would have been better pleased to have something else. Love the comparison with teenagers, though - spot on!


Awwwww. So cute! My Youngest Child's BFF has a cute hamster called Pancake. I tend to lean towards guinea pigs myself - they can be quite cuddly!


Harriet! :) Teenagers do have better lavatorial habits, in their defence...

Karen, arent' they? I had guinea pigs as a child and I do think they make a better pet - they're awake when you are and yes, excellent for cuddles (ours were too lazy ever to run away). But it is impossible to resist those sweet hamster faces! I am a bit worried about Pancake and hope s/he doesn't live up to the name...


This post made me smile on a day when I wasn't sure anything could... so thank you for that. I am completely sold of the idea of hamsters as teenagers in fur. Sounds just right to me! And what a good idea for E to get a wedding present, too, and a clever gift at that. As for the cats, well, if my experience is anything to go by, cats rarely exercise their brains. So trying to figure out how to eat them while simultaneously being unable to do so will be very good for them! :-)


Well I am glad that it made you smile, and sorry you are having a rotten day. A big hug to you, I hope things improve soon.

Heh heh! I am not altogether convinced that cats never exercise their brains - Clara certainly has occasional flashes of intelligence (though only brought on, it is true, when I fail to pick up on her ESP messages) - but it is true this is vanishingly rare.


great work keep it up


Thank you very much Patrick.

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