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Monday, 15 May 2017


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Congratulations. That's wonderful news.


Awww, congratulations! :))))


Oh, congratulations! What a lovely time of the year for a wedding, and what a lovely bouquet.
And please don't answer comments in your honeymoon!! If there ever is a time for real life, it's now!

Carol S

Congratulations and many of them, ENJOY. (I had an autumn marriage ie a second in later life, always a challenge and full of adventure!)


Woo hoo! congratulations!


Oh, thank you all for your very kind comments! We had a very happy day, with just K's close family and a couple of friends, the weather was great and so was the company. We're going to have another party in England for our English friends and family.

No honeymoon, alas, Martina! But my students are all being extra nice to me. :)

Jenny @ Reading the End

Awwwwww! Congratulations to y'all, that's wonderful!!!


Thank you!


Well, we married after 11 years of living together, and for various reasons it took us another 6 years to take an actual honeymoon-worthy trip. So maybe that's something to look forward to?!
Glad to hear that your students are extra nice! Hope they continue!


Oh how lovely!! Many congratulations, dear Helen and K! Hope you had a beautiful day to remember. xx


Ha, Martina, we've been living together for a long time too now and I like your advice of keeping a honeymoon as something to look forward to! I hope that yours was splendid and your wedding was happy too. :)

I am very lucky in my students, I must say.

Thank you very much litlove! It was a lovely day.

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