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Friday, 10 February 2017


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I've found a petition started by Lord Alfred Dubs asking Theresa May to change her mind. It's here, if you'd like to sign it too:


I heard they were no longer going to allow in unaccompanied children which is heartbreaking on its own but I didn't know they weren't going to allow in ones they already promised they would. Grr! The US is dealing with our own immigration fight at the moment and thanks to the courts and their integrity, we are so far winning the battle against the president's ban. I hope folks in the UK have success in fighting this!


Stefanie, I was so upset to read about it. I mean, it was hardly a big commitment in the first place.

What worries me is that the right-wing press has whipped up so much anti-immigrant feeling. When the first group of unaccompanied children were allowed into Britain under this commitment, several papers published photographs of some of the refugees questioning whether they - and by inference all the others - were in fact children at all, and this has been profoundly damaging. And of course, the most vocal people seem to be the least compassionate. I hope they don't speak for the majority.

It is truly heartening that the US judiciary is doing its job without fear or favour. So far your system is holding! :) But surely there are grounds for impeaching the orange one?

Harriet Devine

I so agree - I'd say it was unthinkable but so much that's happening in the world seems so horrific these days. Thanks for the link to the petition - I will certainly sign it. It's just so hard to imagine what these people are thinking - compassion is clearly a concept they have no access to. And re the US - fingers crossed for impeachment.


Indeed - who is more vulnerable, desperate and undeserving of their misfortune than a refugee child (and some I read are disabled too)? If you can't find it in your heart to care about them, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. Let's hope this gets overturned, and quickly.

Jenny @ Reading the End

The world feels very heartless these days. I know that these things go in cycles (though the cycle never seems to reach any tremendously high level of compassion and welcome), and I hope we cycle back soon to at least giving lip service to not being terrible people. As matters stand now, this is a disheartening world.


In a complicated political world, in upheaval because so many adults can't behave themselves, it never is right that the children must suffer.


Jenny, I agree. I hope this cycle ends quickly, though to be honest the lack of compassion has been around in Britain for a while.

The government argues that there isn't enough money. But this is one of the richest societies the world has ever seen! It's true that public spending is being curtailed, but if we really wanted to help, we would a way. (And just a few weeks ago we found 2 billion pounds to spend on nuclear weapons! So.)

Bellezza, you are so right. And yet, sadly, they so often do, don't they? British people were rightly appalled at what happened in Syria, at the barbarity of Isis, and yet we're hanging back from providing practical support to the victims of these situations.

The decision is going to be challenged in court, so there is hope - but the court can of course only pass a judgment based on law, not compassion.


It is disheartening. I hope the court can do something about it.


So do I, Caroline! Or maybe the French will have something to say about it.


There were questions about whether they were children? What like they were actually adults in disguise? Seriously sick!

I think there are many avenues to pursue impeaching the orange one. Since the republicans hold both the house and the senate, they are the ones that hold the reins. So it is a matter of finding the thing that is so bad that even the republicans have to go along. Only a matter of time the way things are going!


Several (anti-immigrant) newspapers published a few photographs of the first group of refugees to be allowed in under this scheme, and they did look older than British teenagers - but then, they'd just spent years living in incredibly awful conditions in Calais. And just those few photographs of one group have had a very powerful effect on a lot of people, who characterise the refugees as adults lying about their ages. It is indeed sick. But everything around immigration in Britain is pretty bad at the moment.

Yes, I agree, things have started now and the orange one is on his way out. Hurrah!

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