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Friday, 18 November 2016


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Oh my goodness! Sounds like you made the best of a not so great situation! I have never had lice before thank goodness. In the US they tell you to use this toxic shampoo so I am glad to know, should the need ever arise, I can get rid of the critters without poisoning them and myself!


Yes - the US may be going to hell in a handcart, but it's been quite lousy round here too. Ho ho.

Actually there have been times when I heartily wished that the poisonous stuff was still available. Let's just say that patience doesn't seem to be my family's strong suit.

Don't waste good gin, mind. Only the cheap stuff!


Oh, DON'T! :) Just the thought of head lice gives me the creeps!

It's interesting that we're so freaked out by head lice, and yet we're covered in all sorts of fauna that we can't see. *shudder*

Good luck with getting rid of them permanently!


Heh heh heh!

After the initial horror, I was thinking that actually I wouldn't mind about the lice at all, were it not for the horrible itching. It's like mosquitoes - you're welcome to help yourself to a bit of blood, I have plenty, but what's with the saliva and diseases? Also, I don't suppose that anyone else round here would appreciate it very much if we were permanently trolloping around seething with lice.

Jenny @ Reading the End

You POOR THING. God, I am so sorry that y'all have been dealing with this. My sisters and I all got lice when I was in fifth grade (not to be bitter but there was one mom in my class who would not treat her daughter's lice, so the girl kept giving everyone else lice over and over and over), and it is a dark DARK spot in my memory of childhood.


Oh Jenny, I feel for you. It's the endless, endless combing with the steel comb that gets one down - and if you are a child and like wriggling this can be a painful experience. And after all that to have them back again? How depressing.

I did worry that we had shared our little guests with everyone in my daughter's class but none of her friends has them, so I do feel a bit less guilty. I would hate to be that mother who keeps giving everyone else lice!

Christine Harding

A belated comment, but I am catching up after months and months not blogging, and oh, your post made me laugh! We had head lice from the time my elder daughter started primary school (and yes, she also wanted to keep them as pets) to the time my younger daughter left. It was a nightmare, and I still keep the nit comb as a kind of amulet, because I am convinced if I get rid of it the lice will reappear!


Christine, hello! How nice that you're back. :)

Glad to have brought back such happy memories! It looks as if we're in for the long haul too - we thought we were rid of them but either weren't or have picked up some more. Still, maybe it's actually my parents' fault? They got rid of their nit comb quite recently. Hang onto yours!

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