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Monday, 03 October 2016


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Clara peeping around the corner is adorable. How did your chicken get herself in the bucket and why? And how did she manage to get herself out?


Well, that's Daisy in the bucket. Over the summer, she became broody and sat all day every day in the henhouse apart from when one of us took her out so that she could eat, drink and run about a bit.

I read that one can 'cure' broodiness by dunking the hen's bottom in a bucket of cold water because one of the broody symptoms is a hot undercarriage. Thus, two or three times a day, one of us would dip her in the bucket. Possibly because the weather was hot, Daisy seemed to enjoy this and would often sit there for quite a little while if left to it. So there she is, cooling off a bit and about to go and eat her lunch.

(She doesn't have a tiny chicken growing out of her back by the way - that's Fluffy in the background. And Flower is photobombing.)

Jenny @ Reading the End

I love your bucket o'chicken! And the cats also are extremely beautiful, as always.


Thanks Jenny! I'll tell them. :)

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