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Friday, 16 September 2016


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Polly Pattullo

Thanks for mentioning Phyllis Allfrey (again) on your blog and for using that lovely picture of her. Just one tiny point: the short stories (It Falls into Place) and her poetry (Love for an Island) are not re-issues; they are the first time they have seen the light of day - both edited by Allfrey's biographer Phyllis Shand Allfrey. Trying not to be pedantic. But The Orchid House, as you rightly said, is a new edition.


Oh dear! I'll correct that. Thank you for pointing it out! And it's not pedantry, it's accuracy. :)


Hope you enjoyed the wine and Variable Cloud and are very glad it didn't get sent to the charity shop!


I have been enjoying both and have nearly finished Variable Cloud: I'd like to write about it here but am not sure quite how to yet...

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